From the moment that we wake up till we go to sleep, one thing remains constant and that is that we constantly stare at a screen. Now that everyone has access to a smart phone, it has acted as a cheap form of entertainment for many people.

It is impossible to do any work without the use of a computer. Even studying has moved from the traditional medium of paper to that of computers and tablets.

In a report written by the Straits Times, it is reported that even though myopia rates are stable but what is worrying is that 68% of primary 6 students have myopia[1]. Even more worrying is that 83% of young adults in Singapore are myopic. Knowing this there are many other activities one can do to wean oneself from the dearth of the screen.

These are 5 other cheap (Sometimes not free) ways to have fun in Singapore.

1: Sports

Youth-empowered-national stadium

Singapore National Stadium

Nothing beats exercising and keeping healthy. Without breaking an arm or a leg, it is possible to have fun playing a sport with friends. Even if you have no friends to exercise with you, there are activities where one can exercise as a group and meet new friends.

One such activity is running. There are many running groups that are formed by avid runners.

The website below feature 53 running groups located all over Singapore.

If running is not for you, sign up for a membership with ActiveSG (Sponsored by Government). They have exercise programs (for free) that cater to all age groups.

The membership allows people to book sport venues at cheap prices. There are badminton halls, swimming pools, gyms and many more that can be booked all over Singapore at subsidized rates.

Click on the link below to sign up now.

Music and Art

Youth-empowered-esplanade event

Esplanade Concourse

For people who are not sports inclined, there are a lot of free music events that are held at the esplanade. Many performers put on interesting acts to either promote themselves or their graduating recitals.

Often held at the comfortable setting of the esplanade concourse, audiences will be in for a treat to see the music scene in Singapore.

Apart from music events, there are many art events all over Singapore. Private galleries hold art exhibitions for free. Although not well known, mix with other people who can appreciate art in Singapore.

Click on the link below to see what art exhibitions are in town this weekend.

3: Parks

Youth-empowered-botanic gardens

Botanical Garden

Looking for some quiet time for reflection?

Singapore has many beautiful parks and nature trails to walk in. Some that are iconic include the Botanical Gardens that is a UNSECO site. Botanical Gardens have many different species of flowers and trees that one can enjoy.

There are also many places for picnics just remember to bring your grass mat. Enjoy a more forest feel? Then go to MacRitchie Reservoir Park where the trails may be uneven but boast of a tree talk walk up above the trees. What are you waiting for?

Click below to see what other parks Singapore offers.

4: Window Shopping

Youth-empowered-concrete jungle

Singapore is often called a concrete jungle. In our little red dot, we have so many malls that at every corner of Singapore there is a mall walking distance from our houses.

If you want to have more variety and spend a whole day, pop by Orchard road and take a walk down from Center point to Far East Plaza to visit the many malls that litter the streets. If you stay in the East, Jurong East has many wonderful malls.

What set them apart is that many factory outlets are situated there especially at IMM. Or visit our newest addition in the east, Jewel Changi Airport which is the newest mall located at Changi Airport. Boasting the largest man made waterfall, it has many dining options like A&W and Shake Shack that has just arrived on our shores.

Click below to see what else jewel has to offer.

5: Read a book


To all the book worms out there, nothing beats sitting in the corner of the library holding a good book. Singapore’s national library board has 28 library locations all over Singapore.

The newest location being library@harborfront. This new library is big and has a view Sea facing view.

Click below to see the different locations around the island for a library near you.


I bet that you did not know that there are a lot of cheap and free activities around Singapore. Whatever your decision is, there are many things to do in our little island that we call home.

Go ahead and try them all, it could be the start of something new for you.